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Lose The Expectations - A Bamon fanfic, chapter four
Here is the latest addition to my fanfic, "Lose The Expectations".  Any feedback is appreciated!

As Bonnie watched Damon walk away, she wasn’t sure how she felt. Was she grateful that Damon was willing to help her out, or simply adamant because he cared about her in the first place? Grams had always told her that vampire and witches were natural enemies – that witches represented loyalty, common sense, and regulators of the natural order of their environment. Grams had always said that vampires threatened that natural order because they brought about destruction. However, Bonnie wasn’t sure that was so true after all. Even before Grams died, she knew that Stefan was a great guy that she could trust (even if she doubted that for a while afterwards, and maybe a little bit now). One of her best friends after all, Caroline, is one of them and she had gotten control over her desire to harm humans and was still the same person she had always been. Damon was still the only one she wasn’t all that sure about. She thought she understood everything she needed to know about Damon – that he was homicidal, only cared about himself and his obsession with Elena, and couldn’t be bothered to feel any remorse. But here he was, going off to find out information that he needed to protect her against Katherine. It was a shock to realize that his loyalty towards Elena could also be extended to her.

But as Bonnie was laying in her hospital bed thinking about all this, she realized how tired she had been. All the drama that had occurred with Katherine taking over her powers had been enough for one day so she decided to rest her eyes. Before Bonnie knew it, she was slipping off into more colorful and vivid dreams of the past as well as her obviously complex future.

Bonnie began to recognize this weightless feeling and it seemed to register in her mind that she was dreaming. She recognized that she was in the thick woods behind her home that she had been spending a lot of time in recently. Even though she wasn’t too far off from her home, it could still feel like she was hundreds of miles away because it was so calming and silent. She even realized she was in her favorite summer dress, feeling the fall leaves crunching under her bare feet as she instantly smiled at the sight of her favorite tree. This tree in particular was massive with its aged bark and endlessly breathtaking height which Bonnie enjoyed admiring every time she came to it. It was her favorite spot to sit and think about what her life had become – which included her Grams’ untimely and tragic passing, as well as what road she would choose to follow as the only witch in Mystic Falls.

As she often would, Bonnie began to climb up into the tree and sit on the first sturdy branch from the ground. Except for some reason, she didn’t feel like she was alone. She could feel an intense power somewhere nearby. She couldn’t pinpoint the exact location but she had the nagging feeling that she could trust the person it belonged to. She climbed off of the tree and stood on the ground once more, standing and waiting for whatever it was that she could sense.

And before she knew it, the person she loved and trusted with everything she had was standing right in front of her. Grams, she thought to herself and tears began to roll down her cheeks and she embraced the one she loved. My dear Bonnie, she heard her Grams think. I don’t have much time, but I know you’re in danger and I know what Katherine desires.

Grams, what is she looking for? Bonnie knew this was important and she knew she needed to do whatever she could to get this information. Katherine already has a witch and someone she will use against you. Whatever you do Bonnie, you need to get this item and destroy it before she hurts the one you love. You are going to need to get as much assistance as you possibly can from your friends and even the vampires. Before Bonnie could even question her, her Grams said, and I know what I said to you so long ago. You’re still a young witch and your powers are still developing so you’re going to need their help. I don’t believe that the scarlet rose has anything to do with Emily, but rather that it has everything to do with you. Search your room and get into contact with your parents and make sure that nothing of yours is in her possession…that could be the reason why she could control your powers.

And just to be safe, Grams said to Bonnie and she slipped what looked like an amulet around her neck, here are my powers. This way you can always have a piece of me with you. And any extra power you can have that Katherine can’t get a hold of will only benefit you further. Bonnie didn’t know what to say and could only manage to mouth the words of thanks to the woman who had practically raised her. After her mother had left them, Grams was the only female role model she had. After they hugged one last time, her Grams brushed her tears away and said, I’ll be visiting you again very soon.

With a sharp intake of breath, Bonnie was looking at the hospital walls once again, and upon touching her neck, felt the gold heart shaped amulet around her neck.

Bonnie had been able to get some rest off and on throughout the afternoon. Caroline had come to visit her and nearly cut off her air supply by the tight hug she was given. Elena and Stefan had also stopped by to talk to her to find out anything she could remember, and she filled them in about The Scarlet Rose…but for some reason, she chose not to tell them about the amulet her Grams had sent her through the dream. She felt like this was something Damon and her needed to do together – they were a team on this one and she didn’t want to worry her friends.

She was about to dose off again when she recognized a familiar face…one that she hadn’t seen in nearly a decade. A face she couldn’t believe she was staring at. This was the face that had the same green eyes as her as well as the same petite figure. This person was her mother. Bonnie didn’t know what she was feeling as she looked at her mother. What was she supposed to say? Something like I’m pissed off that you ran off when I was only seven years old because you couldn’t deal with your marital problems. Or simply that you abandoned your child because you couldn’t be mature to handle your failed marriage just didn’t sound right. All she could think to do at first was cry – cry like her seven year old self had so long ago.

“Mom…why have you suddenly decided to show up after 10 years?!”, Bonnie said to her estranged mother. “You missed my first cheerleading accident when I broke my leg and you couldn’t be bothered to show up then. Did dad call you or something? Because guess what – most of the time he can’t be bothered to drop his work to come check up on me because he can’t STAND how much we resemble each other. He can’t even look at me most of the time. And no, he doesn’t have to say anything because I have all the evidence I need based on how he averts his eyes all the time.

“Have you come to apologize for that or something? Because there is a LONG list of things you have to make up for before I even consider speaking to you after I leave this place.”

Her mom simply stood there looking at her daughter with tears in her eyes that were threatening to pour over her cheeks. “I know I’ve been a failure as a mother, and that could easily be an understatement”, Bonnie’s mom said, “but I thought your father would do a better job at raising you than I would. When I found out I was what I was…he couldn’t stand to look at me.”

Bonnie’s face took on a look of grave resolve. “Mom…no you can’t be! Tell me it isn’t true.” Her eyes widened further as more tears formed in her eyes. “You’re a vampire aren’t you?”

Bonnie’s took a sharp intake of breath. “I wish I could tell you differently…but yes, you’re right.”

Bonnie couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I need some time alone. Please don’t come back for a while, I need my space.”

Maurine, Bonnie’s mom, simply nodded her head. “I never came back to protect you from myself, and I knew your dad would never approve of me seeing you anyway. I just want you to know that I love you. And also,” as she was digging into her purse, “I have something to give you.”

She slipped Bonnie a piece of paper and walked out of the room. In her mom’s handwriting it said, help me. Bonnie’s heart quickened as realization began to sink in. This must be the piece of Bonnie’s heart that Katherine has against her.  And she couldn't help feeling like the Matt thing Katherine had mentioned earlier had been a setup all along.


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