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Lose The Expectations - A Bamon fanfic, chapter two

It took a few minutes before Bonnie realized what she had done. She had allowed Damon to embrace her – she really could not believe it. But that wasn't what surprised her the most. The most surprising fact was that she found it comforting and she was happy to finally act like she wasn't this strong all the time. However, at the same time, she knew she had to go back to putting on her tough exterior and show him that he wouldn't be seeing this ever again. That's when she knew she had to push away from him.

After she pushed away gently and wiped away some of her tears, Bonnie said, "Wha-what am I going to do? She's threatened one of my good friends and who knows who else she'll threaten if I don't do exactly what she wants."

Taking a moment and studying her eyes very intently, Damon said, "I'll call Stefan and see what we can do about this."

"However, from first impression", Damon said while pacing some of Bonnie's living room, "We're going to have to play a little game with the manipulative bitch. She wants to play a game and it looks like we're going to have to play her just as hard as she's playing us. I know you don't want like working with us but it looks like you have no other choice."

Bonnie looked back at him now. She realized that there would always be a battle between them – right versus wrong, dominance versus compliance, vulnerability versus undeniable strength. It started to creep into her mind that they were both a product of their weakness. They had both lost love in some sort of traumatic way, even if the circumstances weren't at all alike. Damon wanted to get rid of Katherine as much as she did, and even though she kept telling herself it was for revenge, maybe there was more to it than that. She looked into those icy blue eyes and simply nodded.

"Well good", Damon said, "it's nice to see that your loyalty never wavers…even when you have to deal with me". A smile smirk crossed his face right before he began to call Stefan. It went as quickly as it had come.

"Stefan we have a situation. It's best that you come to Bonnie's house as soon as you can. This can't wait."

And when it seemed like only seconds had gone by, there was a knock at the door and Bonnie knew that it was Stefan. When she opened the door she said, "You can come in."

Stefan seemed to walk in very timidly but instantly his eyebrow rose when he saw that Damon was sitting in Bonnie's house. "This has to be really bad for you to have allowed Damon into your house."

"Yeah you could say that", Bonnie said as she felt her face getting hot, "but I think we have more important things to talk about."

Bonnie had a seat next to Damon on the couch. For some reason, she knew they had to sit next to each other. Stefan took a seat across from her.

"Well, Katherine called me earlier and threatened to kill Matt if I didn't do exactly what she wants. She's supposed to call me tomorrow and give me instructions on what she wants me to do. She didn't elaborate on what it was or what she hopes to use me for, so it seems like this situation is unavoidable."

Stefan walked slowly away and started to look out the window. He was still looking out the window when he said, "You know that moonstone that we have? I'm pretty sure that's what she wants." He sat back down and looked directly into Bonnie's eyes and said, "Legend has it that a witch can break the curse on a moonstone. She might be looking to you to break that curse, but if it's not about that, then we need to determine what our next move will be. However, I think you should take that call tomorrow and once we know what she wants you to do then we can create a concrete plan. By making it over the phone, she's eliminated any early interference that we can have over her plan. This was very well-played on her part."

Bonnie started to feel her temper rising. "So let me get this straight…I have to help out a disgusting murderous vampire who's been threatening to kill all my friends? She's supposedly in love with you and both of you have obsessed over her for centuries. I'm sorry but I expected a lot more from you."

She could feel her powers starting to betray her. They were bottling up inside of her, feeding off of her emotions and ready to burst from the surface. She couldn't take it anymore. The vase on the coffee table suddenly burst into a million pieces, sending shards of glass to pierce the opposite wall. Stefan and Damon went on the defensive and hit the ground to avoid injury. Bonnie couldn't control her powers any longer. Without any utterance of words and only a soft flicker of a finger, cabinets were being ripped off of the entertainment center and being scattered along the floor.

"BONNIE…BONNIE…STOP!" The fuzziness of her surroundings began to clear and her eyes widened in shock and horror. She looked at the person who had been shaking her and saw that Damon was still holding on to her shoulders very tightly. Bonnie felt like screaming but no sound escaped her throat. Intense pain was beginning to spread from her head all the way down to the tips of her toes. It literally felt like her powers were eating her alive. Instead she felt very dizzy and felt her knees begin to buckle underneath her.

"Damon…", Bonnie uttered very quietly before she began to fall. Damon quickly caught her in his arms.

Damon's eyes widened in horror before he said, "Bonnie? Bonnie, what's going on? BONNIE!" He was horrified seeing his beautiful, petite, friendly witch lying in his arms so fragile and broken. To the side of him, Stefan had called the police but Damon didn't even notice. He only had eyes for Bonnie. He began to lightly shake her. "Bonnie, please…please wake up."

That's when he heard his phone vibrate on the table next to them. Damon picked it up and heard the familiar voice that made his blood boil and brought vengeance to his mind.

"Wow Damon, I thought you would've learned by now that I'm invincible", Katherine said on the other end. "I always have a plan and I'll always be more than a step ahead of you. I knew you had a soft spot for this witch and I want you to listen very, very closely. I know how to hurt her and I will not hesitate to use it. You can't protect everyone Damon – and it's about time you learned that."

"You bitch", Damon said through clenched teeth, "stop whatever you're doing right now."

"Oh, that wouldn't be fun at all", Katherine said. "I think you're going soft on me. I think I'll drag it out for a little bit longer. But when little Bonnie does wake up, please pass on this little message for me. Let her know that she WILL be working with me alone and she won't be playing any more of these pathetic games. Because the next time she tries to double cross me, her friends lives won't be the only things in danger."

And that's when the line went dead. Damon looked at Bonnie's limp body once again before turning to Stefan.

"Stefan…that was Katherine. Looks like we're at war little brother."

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