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Lose The Expecations - A Bamon fanfic, chapter one

           Bonnie could recall some of the most important lessons her Grams had ever taught her.  For one, she taught her to always take her powers seriously and never treat them like a joke.  When she first found out she was a witch it was easier to joke about it.  It was a lot to handle all at once and she wasn’t ready for all of the responsibility that was bound to come her way.  Her Grams always said that she would have to be her own best friend and could only trust herself when it came down to it.  And above all, she told her not to trust vampires.  She didn’t know then how right her Grams had been.

            Bonnie was sitting on her bed, staring at a photo of her and her Grams that they had taken just that past summer.  Feeling the tears start to prick her eyes again, she realized how angry she felt.  How could she have been so naïve to let her feelings for Elena get in the way?  She’s with them, those monsters that her Grams had warned her against.

            She knew she had convinced Damon to give Caroline his blood, but how was she supposed to know that she would turn into one of them?  It was just too much for her to handle.  She looked at Grams again in the photo and felt some shame build up in her chest.  She could just picture the disappointment and critical stare she was bound to have received from her if she was still alive.

            Still alive…and with that thought in her mind once again, she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing once more.  Why did it always feel like everyone she loved got hurt? 

            These tears weren’t just for her Grams anymore…they were due to everything that has gone wrong since she’s passed away.  Caroline has become a vampire, Katherine is back in town creating problems everywhere she goes, and she fears for her friends’ lives every day.  It’s just too much to handle!  She should be cheerleading and getting excited about everything new that will be happening in school.  Instead she’s always watching her back wondering if she’ll die in a few minutes or a few days from now.  That’s why she decided to help Stefan and Damon with getting Mason to talk to them.  She felt guilty since he had never hurt her, but at the same time, if he was involved with Katherine, who knew what he was capable of?  She didn’t want to see another person she cares about get hurt.

            But that’s when she heard it, a soft patter on her window.  At first she thought it was the branch of the tree knocking against her window again, but she knew it wasn’t all that windy today.  She looked out her window to see a small rock smack against her window and quickly fall away.  As confusion began to creep into her mind, she timidly reached her window and looked outside.

            Well I’ll be damned, Bonnie thought to herself, I never saw this coming.

            She opened the door all the way and saw a familiar and very frustrating vampire standing before her.  “Damon”, she said with as much hate as she could muster, “what in the hell are you doing here?”

            “Oh Bonnie, is that any way to greet your guest?” he said with a smug smile crossing over his perfect face.

            “Well…considering that I hate you, I think it’s the perfect way to greet you”, she said while narrowing her eyes at him even more.  “Now, you still haven’t answered the question.  What the hell are you doing here Damon?”

            “Why do you have to be so rude Bonnie?  Maybe I just wanted to stop by to say hello and tell you how much I care.  It doesn’t have to be something bad.”  And she really had to give him some credit for that.  If she hadn’t known him, she would have guessed he was being genuine the entire time.  However, his comments always dripped of sarcasm and his eyebrows always do this weird raising thing when he’s lying.

            She laughed slightly and said, “Really Damon, don’t insult my intelligence.  We both know you’re lying and I want to know what it is that you want.” 

            Sighing heavily he said, “If you insist.  As much as I hate to keep talking to judgy witches like yourself, it seems necessary.  Can I come inside to talk to you?”

            “You have GOT to be kidding.  Why would I ever invite you into my house when I hate your guts?  You could just waltz right into here at any point and try to kill me again.  I don’t think so”, she said as her eyes narrowed as far as they would go.

            “How about you stop being so fucking proud for one moment and face the facts little witch?  Katherine is dangerous and she could rip your heart out faster than it would take for me to get here to make sure you don’t die so easily without a fight.  Whether you like it or not, you and your precious father don’t stand a chance against her.  And if you want to make sure that you stay alive so you can be the perfect loyal friend that you are, then you better know what’s good for you and let me inside.”  The cold chill in his voice was frightening.  But it wasn’t just his voice that was frightening – it was the fact that he was right.

            “Fine, come inside Damon.”

            He took a seat in father’s favorite arm chair without asking which infuriated Bonnie even more.  He always acts like he owns everything, she thought as she could feel her patience disappearing.

            “Damon, I don’t have time for your games so just get to it already.  What do you want from me?”

            “As you know, it tortured me yesterday to have to ask you for your help with the whole Mason thing.  He had to be disposed of to send Katherine a message, but it seems like she has another plan up her sleeve.  Stefan and I want her out of our lives for good.  That bitch needs to go so we need your help.  The more supernatural power we have on our side the better.”

            “Yeah, what do I have to do?”

            “Wait…you…the judgy little witch…is going to help me the first moment I ask?  Bonnie, are we becoming friends?” he said with that famous smirk of his.

            “That’s a disgusting thought.   Never say that to me again otherwise I think I might stay sick for life.”  And right after that, Bonnie couldn’t help but notice the smiles that had crossed both of their faces.

            Bonnie noticed that her phone was ringing so she decided to take the call.  “Hello?”

            “Hi there Bonnie”, a colder voice said on the other end.  Bonnie knew immediately that it wasn’t Elena.  Katherine.  She could feel her body start to tense up and noticed that Damon became rigid.  “I see that you’ve moved on to one of my boy toys.  What’s with the teenagers in this town?  It’s like you’re only interested in my sloppy seconds.”

            “Katherine, what do you want and how did you get my phone number?”

            “Now Bonnie, I wouldn’t talk to me like that if I was you.  Because I have a plan in place for you and you don’t want to make me angry.”  Bonnie felt like she lost the ability to breathe normally.  “Matt seems to have taken a liking to me since I look so much like Elena.  He’s like a sick puppy…so lonely and looking for love.  And I was so grateful to take advantage of that vulnerability.  Now Bonnie, I want you to listen to me VERY carefully.  I will call you tomorrow and give you very simple instructions.  If you don’t follow them, I will make sure to rip Matt to shreds and I guarantee you his body will not be attached.”

            Bonnie had lost the ability to speak.  “Have a great night Bonnie.  I look forward to working with you.”

            Damon took a hold of Bonnie’s shoulders and shook her lightly.  “Bonnie…what’s going on?”

            That’s when tears began to roll down her cheeks.  “She’s going to kill Matt if I don’t help her out.  What am I going to do?”

            And for once, she let someone hug her and it was the last person she expected.  A homicidal vampire was taking care of her like no one else could.

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Awwww, poor Matt. He is so in love with Elena and Katherine using him as bait. Ahh, definitely something she would do!

Great start. I cant wait to read more. :)

There's actually other chapters that you can read that I posted on here :)

Thanks for letting me know about them. I'll look them up! :)

Oh and awesome Donnie icon. :D

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